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hen water and salt in their exceptional, pristine
unite, an entirely new dimension is created:
a higher
form of energy with a natural ability to
balance the
energy levels of the body
- Dr Barbara Hendel in her book Water and Salt, The Essence of Life


happywaterhappywater concentrate is available in 250ml glass bottles.

The bottles provide enough concentrate to revitalize approximately
125 medium size glasses of water, typically a month's supply for one person.

The pump bottles make it quick and easy to dispense just the right
amount of concentrate.

The 250ml happywater concentrate is available at selected health stores.
at a recommended retail price of R69.90 inc.

The quest for perfect water

happywater is living water: purified, re-revitalized and then re-mineralized with pristine Kalahari Crystal Salt.

The result: water that’s minerally-balanced, energized.

It's a return to the life-giving essence that flowed through ancient rivers and glaciers long before Man began to wreak havoc on the planet's fragile resources.

happywater is available as a concentrate that can be added to filtered water, or as bottled water through selected restaurants and retail outlets.

This is the story of happywater ...

We are what we drink

The human body is 70% water. You could say we are water. And we are, truly, what we drink.

From a narrow bio-chemical view, water is just hydrogen and oxygen clumped together. But, seen from an holistic health and bio-physical perspective, there’s much more to water than just H20.

Pristine, living water resonates with vibrational energy and reveals exquisite crystalline structures reflecting its vitality. It also contains a wide variety of minerals and trace elements. Water that is pure, energized, alkaline and minerally balanced can play a vital role in promoting health through:

    > Improved hydration and restoring of the body’s mineral balance

    > More efficient transport of nutrients and oxygen directly into the cells

    > Faster intra- and extra-cellular detoxification and removal of waste products

It’s the very stuff of life, and happywater has been created to make it easy for you to make living water part
of your daily life.

The fresh water catastrophe

Our planet’s fresh water supply is in a catastrophic state and we are increasingly relying on a closed system of recycled water. Recycled tap-water typically passes through several different people’s bodies before you drink it. And when excreted into the municipal water treatment system it can carry hormone and drug residues from contraceptives, anti-biotics, anti-retrovirals, tranquilizers etc, which mix with heavy metals, pesticides and other industrial pollutants as well as  disease-causing micro-organisms.

In addition, tap water has to pass through kilometres of pipes under unnatural pressure which destroys its fragile, crystalline structure (see Emoto Principles further on).

Chlorine is typically used to disinfect our water supply and to kill the viruses and bacteria that cause diseases such as cholera and typhoid. Effective? Mostly, but chlorine also reacts with organic matter in the water to form Disinfection By-Products, or DBPs, which have been linked to damaging effects to heart, lungs, kidneys, cancers and even birth defects.

So it’s not surprising that, despite the well-meaning assurances of our water authorities, health-conscious 
consumers have been increasingly turning to home filtration systems and/or bottled waters.

Filtration Systems: Water filters, reverse osmosis, ionization and distillation units provide a vital first line of defence against viral and bacterial contamination, and also remove chlorine and fluoride from the water But what sort of water are you left with? Clean water? Yes, but it’s also dead water, rendered lifeless.

These purification methods strip water of its minerals, energy and oxygen, resulting in an aggressive, often acidic liquid. They also force the water to surrender its crystalline structure (see Emoto Principles further on).

Distilled water, considered to be chemically and physically the purest form of water, is especially controversial. Austrian water researcher Viktor Schauberger regarded distilled water as juvenile water because it has no developed character or qualities. It is raw and hungry. Like a baby, it grasps at everything within reach. "If you drink only this juvenile water it will weaken and kill you because it leaches out the minerals and trace elements from your body," says water researcher and author Alick Bartholomew in his book on Schauberger, Hidden Nature

There is a growing body of opinion that these lifeless waters are responsible for the build-up of acid waste that contributes to a long list of degenerative ailments.

Adds Bartholomew: "When we think we have "purified" water of the chemicals and hormones we have mindlessly thrown in, in order to make it drinkable, the energy of these contaminants remain, polluting our energy bodies in the same way that chemicals affect our physical bodies."

We call these purified waters Sad Water.

Bottled Water: Many bottled waters are simply processed waters using the purification methods described above. Minerals are sometimes added, but in a coarse and often unbalanced form which the body cannot absorb.

Spring Water: Bottled at a certified source, spring water is presumed to be pure and natural, but it is extremely unlikely that there is any water on this planet that has been able to escape the ravages of pollution and contamination. In addition, the carbon footprint generated by the transport of spring waters from remote areas to major centres, is unsustainable.

happywater: happywater is different. It is the result of a multi-faceted process that truly simulates and consistently duplicates the formation of Living Water by Nature. 

It re-vitalizes lifeless water, and then re-mineralizes it with over 60 minerals and trace elements, imbuing it with the life-giving vibrational energies and the elemental balance of primordial, Living Water. That’s what sets happywater apart from all other water products and technologies.

The principles behind happywater

The key principles behind the making of happywater are:

Living Energy

Water is vital, energized matter, transforming from liquid to vapour (evaporation) to liquid (condensation) or ice/snow (freezing) in an endless living cycle.

According to the science of biophysics, life equals energy, and happywater seeks to return our water to its natural, balanced, energetic state, enabling it to perform its critical role of hydrating, oxygenating, nourishing and detoxifying the cells.

Much of the research into the energetic properties of living water was done by Austrian environmentalist Viktor Schauberger (who died in 1958).

He demonstrated not only that living, energized water has extraordinary properties, but that it is possible, by designing machines which follow Nature's dynamic processes, to produce living water from lifeless water. happywater is a tribute to Schauberger's philosophy and work.

Spagyric Transformation

The word Spagyric comes from two Greek words meaning “to separate or purify” and “to reunite”. Spagyric chemistry is attributed to Paracelsus, the great 16th century Swiss natural healer. Paracelsus strongly believed that Nature’s healing powers could be increased by Spagyric transformation.

happywater, created through the process of separation, purification and re-unification (described further on), can rightly be called a Spagyric essence.

Emoto/Hado Principles

Pioneered by visionary Japanese water researcher, Dr Masaru Emoto, and building upon the work of Viktor Schauberger, Hado refers to the intrinsic vibrational patterns of all matter. When photographing highly-magnified frozen water crystals, Dr Emoto uncovered a fascinating connection between the source of the water and its crystal structure.

Central to the work of Dr Emoto is the idea that water receives "imprints" from its surroundings that are held in memory and directly influence the energetic quality of the water. Even human thought, or intention, can influence it. Photographs taken of the crystalline structure of water will reflect any positive or negative imprints by revealing either harmonious, jewel-like hexagons, or distorted, broken patterns.

Prayer, music, even the placement of printed words and messages on or nearby a water container will imprint on the water.

Pristine water produces harmonious, structured crystal hexagons, but polluted water produces deformed shapes. Water purified by reverse osmosis or distillation has virtually no crystalline structure; its natural vibrational frequency has been destroyed.

In effect, water is the central nervous sytem of our planet, transferring, through its memory, information about everything that is happening on Mother Earth. When water is purified (say, through reverse osmosis or distillation), its memory is erased and it becomes lifeless.

Crystal 1

WATER JEWEL ... A harmonious water crystal photographed
by Atelier für Kunst und Mystic in Uttigen, Switzerland
using techniques developed by Dr Emoto.


 SUBLIME TO SAD ... On the left is a crystal image of water
from Lourdes in France.
On the right is an image of water with low energy.

In happywater we have created a product that embodies the Hado ideal by systematically extinguishing the water’s negative memories and then imbuing it with positive imprints, returning it to its original, natural (happy) state as evidenced by its magnificent crystalline hegaxon.


This is a principle of energetic medicine whereby the therapeutic power of a small dose imprints itself upon the solvent (water) and, through diffusion, is progressively amplified, increasing in potency. This is also known as the Second Law of Homeopathy (the Law of Infinitesimal Dose). A few drops of happywater can transform a glass of lifeless water into a living essence.

Making happywater

With these principles in mind, this is how we make happywater:

Stage 1: Separate and Purify

happywater is a transformation process and we commence our journey with ordinary tap water. Our goal is
to first produce absolutely pure water and then transform it into perfect, Living Water.

We start the process by stripping the water of all its positive and negative properties using several purification methods:

Step 1: The water passes through a sediment filter to remove any big particles such as sand and rust.

Step 2: Now it passes through a nanomesh filtration system (we use Seldon technology) to eliminate any chemical and heavy metal  residues.

Result: Purified water, but in truth it’s just a sad, lifeless liquid.

Stage 2: Re-energize and Re-vitalize

We begin the process of creating Living Water by re-structuring and re-vitalizing the pure but lifeless water through a series of enrichments that emulate Nature.

Step 1: In this step we simulate the Water Cycle (evaporation and condensation) by distillation which also removes any remaining negative imprints. Distillation boils the water, and the steam is then collected as it condenses. 

Step 2: Now we re-energize the water in two phases:

Phase 1: Using a vortex unit, we create a gentle whirlpool in the water. The vortex reproduces the natural course of water flowing over and around rocks and other natural obstacles, creating eddies and undercurrents (vortices) which super-charge the water with oxygen and help re-establish the coherent crystalline patterns revealed by Dr Emoto.

Phase 2:While the water is motion, we introduce it to an energy field created of rose quartz crystals which resonate with love, healing and compassion.

Step 4: Throughout the re-energising process, we envelop the water in a gentle "blanket" of sound, from classical music and meditative chants to the sounds of trees, creating positive imprints and a vibrationally-balanced water. We also expose the water to a rainbow spectrum of light (picture sunlight dancing off a bubbling stream).

Result: Re-vitalized, re-energized, re-oxygenated, living water.

Stage 3: Re-mineralize and Balance

Now we add Kalahari crystal salt ro re-minerlaise the water. The salt, from an underground rock stratum formed 300 million years ago, leaches slowly into an underground lake deep in the Kalahari Desert. The brine (salts and water) is pumped onto the desert floor in an area free of pollution and then sun dried. Evaporation leaves behind a pristine salt containing over 60 minerals and trace elements that are essential to good health. It's as pure and natural as Nature intended. It is unrefined and nothing is added. Harvesting the salt has zero negative environmental impact and the resource, carefully managed, is renewable. The slow absorbtion of the salts by the water results in a colloidal solution of ultra-fine particles that remain in suspension and are in a form that the body can absorb.

The minerals help re-establish the pH of the water, creating a slightly alkaline liquid (a pH of approx 7.5). There has been much written about the benefitof alkaline water (free radicals which cause so much damage to the body, cannot survive in an alkaline environment). That being said, we certainly do not support the view that highly alkaline water is good for you (it's just as bad as highly acidic water). The salt is allowed to diffuse into the water overnight and the liquid is than bottled.

Result: happywater ... finally.

How to use happywater

One bottle (250ml) of happywater concentrate will make approx 125 medium size (250ml) glasses of re-vitalized, re-energized and re-mineralized water.

Directions: Use the pump to dispense a serving (2ml) of  happywater into clean glass and then top up with purified, chlorine-free water (250 ml). Adding happywater first ensures rapid diffusion.

Never add happywater to plain tap water. The water must be chlorine-free. You can use water that has been filtered, distilled, ionized, ozonated or purified through reverse osmosis. You can use bottled water (preferably mineral-free and in glass bottles).

Squeezing some fresh lemon juice into the water will further alkalize it and help balance your body’s pH.

> Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
> Use within 90 days of opening.
> If you are pregnant, nursing or under medical supervision, consult your healthcare professional before using this product.

NOTE: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


> The Hado website of Dr Emoto: www.hado.net

> Structured Water as an Alternative Medicine, by Joseph Bender.

> Martin Fox's booklet, Healthy Water, although written almost 20 years ago, remains a key resource for those seeking perfectly healthy water.

> Victor Shauberger - the father of living water. Article by Grahame Whitehead.

> Watercure.com - the site of Dr H Batmanghelidj (aka Dr Batman), the leading expert on the healing power of water and author of a number of books, including The Body's Many Cries for Water.

> Martin Fox's excellent article on the link between chlorination, heart disease and cancer.

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