The Healing Power of Water

We live in a world that is riddled with disease, allergies, depression, obesity, stress and fatigue. Would you believe that water has amazing healing powers? Even when you are not plagued with ailments your body could benefit immensely from the healing powers of water. The natural energy of pure water brings with it healing and restoration. More than half of […]

World Environment Day (WED) 2013 is coming up on the 5th June. While the practice of Positive Environmental Action should be on our agendas 24/7 and 365 days a year – June the 5th is THE day when we all recognise the need to take action and raise global awareness. This year the host country is Mongolia and the chosen […]

The vulnerability and scarcity of Water

When the well’s dry, we know the worth of water. - Benjamin Franklin All beings have and always will be dependent on water for survival. Water is Life. Without water everything turns to dust. One of the most versatile structures known to man is the water molecule, comprising two atoms of hydrogen and one of oxygen (H2O). The power of water […]

Water what goes around comes around.

The writing on the label at the back of the bottle in the shop says bottled at source and the image on the front captures a feeling of fresh virgin purity. Water is so accessible to us that we forget that it is a finite resource, in fact it appears again and again in our lives that we scarcely take […]

To step out of the stress cycle it is not necessary to bar the doors and shutters, lock everything down and do some emergency relaxation techniques to maintain a tenuous grip on our youth and sanity. Nor do we have to sell  everything lock stock and barrel and move into the country to live off the grid. All that is […]

We live at an unprecedented pace of life with greater demands and higher stress levels than any other generation before us.  And in this race to get the job done in the few hours that we have available to us every day, our lives have become formed by convenience and limited by time. In the supermarket isles choices for healthy […]