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  Happy Water

Purify | Re-energize  |  Re-vitalize |  Re-mineralize & Alkalize

hen water and salt in their exceptional, pristine
unite, an entirely new dimension is created:
a higher
form of energy with a natural ability to
balance the
energy levels of the body
- Dr Barabara Hendel in Water and Salt, The Essence of Life

Happy Music

Internationally acclaimed water reseacher, Dr Masaru Emoto, believes that water exposed to music with the appropriate rhythm, tempo, tone and melody can have healing benefits. In the research for his book, Water Crystal Healing, Dr Emoto played a variety of classical pieces to an "audience" of purified water; the water was then frozen and the crystals photographed to reveal exquisite hexagon shapes.

At the same time, using a magnetic resonance analyzer, he measured the Hado (a subtle form of energy) of the crystals, revealing the healing potential of the water after it had been exposed to the music.

In the making of Happy Water, we have followed Dr Emoto's choices of music, exposing our water to the following pieces as part of the revitalization process:

Music                                                    Composer   
The Moldau                                   Bedrich Smetana           
The Blue Danube                            Johan Strauss II       
Waves of the Danube                      Iosif Ivanovici           
La Mer                                          Claude Debussy   
Dialogue du Vent et de la Mer           Claude Debbussy   
Prelude, Act 1, Lohengrin                 Richard Wagner       
Act 2 of Swan Lake                         Pyotr Tchaikovsky   
The Swan of Tuonela                      Jean Sibelius   
Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun    Claude Debussy
The Valle Giulia Fountain at Daybreak Ottorino Respighi
The Trevi Fountain at Noon              Ottorino Respighi

According to Dr Emoto, the Hado effects of the above include relief from environmental stress, improved immunity, relief from anxiety, improved mobility, lymph flow and blood circulation.

> Water Crystal Healing by Dr Masaru Emoto, Simon and Shuster UK Ltd 2006


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