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Happy Water

We love Happy water and so do our clients! I think we’re on our 5th box now.
The bottles are fabulous because we can use them over and over.
Really works well with our save the planet attitude at Living Yoga!

Thanks Happy Water team! Keep the happiness flowing.

Sarah Bentz, Living Yoga Studio , Craighall Park

We have had the pleasure of seeing the beautiful laboratory where Happy Water is made.
I was blown away at the care and detail that the water is taken through
to produce the delicious tasting pure Happy Water.

The concepts of Dr. Masaru Emoto are truly being used.
It is wonderful to use the drops, which make all my water taste good.

Susan Muttitt
Nia Instructor, Yoga Teacher & Studio Owner
Parkhurst, Johannesburg

I had a finger prick blood test done some years back and was horrified to see
the state of my blood cells. I took the vitamins etc suggested for a few months and then stopped.

In November I went to see my homeopath who took a spot of blood again to
analyse and I could not believe how clear and wonderful the blood cells looked.
He was also surprised. The only thing I had been doing regularly was drinking
1–1½ litres of Happy Water each day. I had been doing this for a month.

Penni du Plessis, Therapist/teacher
Bordeaux, Randburg

I feel the Happy Water concept is the way forward in dealing with
the water crisis. It combines energy with purification and is actually
feeding one’s body. No other water product out there can say they do this.
The benefits of Happy Water are there because it is no longer hungry water.

Nicolette da Costa
Lifestyle Educator & Reflexologist   

I had the fortunate opportunity while studying Thai Massage in Jo'burg to meet
Danielle who briefed me on the virtues of Happy Water. I was thrilled and convinced
after reading the book "Water and Salt" and ever since
I returned to Mauritius I cannot live without Happy Water.

You have the impression of drinking the sun, the air and the universe ...
so good and pure. I also feel more energetic and more dynamic.
I always tell my clients how good I feel.

Maurice D'arifat

When we looked at the way Happy Water is made with its subtle energies and 
mineral balance, it was clear to us that this was exactly the
type of water needed in Bikram. Good water, and I mean good in an holistic sense,
is vital in our programme. When you’re sweating it out for 90 minutes in a Bikram class,
the last thing you need is lifeless water in a plastic bottle that has
been stripped of its energy, vitality and minerals ...

Happy Water really is different. I see it as a kind of yoga in a bottle.

Sally Flanagan
Director,  Bikram Yoga Jozi

When I was just introduced to Happy Water I was curious what,
if anything, it would do. But from the first day I started detoxing,
which I noticed by the headaches I got, the sore throat (ailment that
I had in my teenage years a lot) and the change in faeces.
I have been using Happy Water ever since and feel fit and full of energy.

I would recommend it to anyone!

Carmen Tecklenburg
Holistic healer

I have found Happy Water a refreshing alternative to
bottled and, thank goodness, tap water.

It is really easy to filter my water and then all I have to do is put my concentrate
drops in and I’m ready for the day.

I have noticed my salt cravings have disappeared and that having the
glass bottle around reminds me to drink water throughout the
day rather than trying to get it all in, in the evening.

I love that there is a glass bottle as the hazards associated
with plastic bottles and estrogens just don’t interest me at all.
The glass bottle is reusable and I love that I’m doing my small part to save the planet.

I even think seeing the Happy Water logo makes me feel happier during the day.

Stacy Allan
Massage Therapist
Primrose, Germiston

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